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The goal of express lanes is to give customers travel options and improve traffic flow in all lanes. Tolls in the express lanes are dynamically priced. With dynamic pricing, toll rates increase as traffic begins to build in the express lanes and decrease as traffic reduces. Dynamic pricing is designed to provide more predictable drive times, particularly during peak travel.


Provide Customers
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Offer a More
Travel Time

Deliver a Long-Term
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Manage Traffic Flow

Fuel Consumption

Air Pollution

Support Transit Usage

How Do Express Lanes Work?

Customers can continue to travel in the general lanes or make the choice to use the express lanes. Since express lanes are designed with a limited number of entrance and exit locations, please be sure you can reach your destination prior to entering. The express lanes toll will be posted on electronic signs well in advance of the entrance, giving plenty of time to choose whether or not to use the express lanes. Upon entering the express lanes you will pay the rate displayed on the sign until you reach the next decision point. Tolls will be collected automatically with a properly mounted, active SunPass or other interoperable transponder (visit for more info). Customers cannot pay for tolls in the express lanes using cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE, as they will be considered a violator and subject to additional fees.

Who Can Use the Express Lanes?

Any two-axle vehicle equipped with SunPass can use the express lanes. Trucks with three or more axles and passenger cars pulling trailers or boats are not permitted.

The following vehicles qualify for a toll exemption on Florida’s Express Lanes, but they must first register and then renew annually:

  • Public transit buses
  • School buses
  • Over-the-road buses
  • Vanpools
(example: 95 Express, 595 Express)
(example: Florida’s Turnpike, Veterans Expressway)
Toll Rate Registered buses and vanpools are exempt from paying express lanes tolls. Registered buses and vanpools are only required to pay the general toll and will not be charged the additional express lanes tolls.
Qualification Buses and vanpools must register and renew annually. Buses and vanpools must register and renew annually.

To register a qualifying vehicle, please click here to fill out an application.